Nano Hacker Academy

The Nano Hacker Academy offers advanced learning opportunities for tech-enthusiastic kids (ages 7 & up) in the NYC metro area. Courses aim to build programming skills and help Nanos achieve their goals, whether that means competing in hackathons, creating games, designing websites or developing innovative hardware.

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    Nano Hacker Academy is run entirely by volunteers who work in the tech space by day and mentor young programs at night. 100% of funds raised goes directly into supporting the program.

  • Speaker 68d3a3a083801026f7e33b84f27edbb8a2867062792e19aabc08c26bcd114d56 Our Programs are FREE

    Nano Hacker Academy programs are free for all kids ages 9-18.

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    Currently, 46 kids are enrolled. Total enrollment is 33% girls and 67% boys; our goal is 50/50.

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